Hello! I'm Courtney! I started having a passion for fitness and nutrition during my junior year of college. This was my first time living on my own and I realized quickly that I had no idea how to cook or go grocery shopping for things other than snacks. I used google to learn about nutrition but realized that a lot nutrition information on the internet is not the most reliable and google really does not tell you anything. I was an athlete in college and really wanted to learn about fueling my body properly for games, practices, and workouts. This lead me to getting a bachelors degree in Fitness and Wellness and a minor in psychology. Shortly after I  gradated I became a certified personal trainer and then went on to get my certification in nutrition. Now I  am focused on getting a masters degree in exercise science and nutrition. 

My goal for this site is to bring you quality fitness and nutrition information based on science and most importantly for free. 

I hope you enjoy! :)